Hello. My name is Scott and I make things.

I’m a musician, entrepreneur, coffee lover and hacker, who loves to build things and share them with the world. I use this website as a launchpad for little projects I’ve created and also to blog about my journey after quitting my full time job in 2010 and starting myself in So I quit my job. I also blog about technology and things I’ve made in Hack The Planet.

Latest Projects

The cake, in this case, is not a lie.

Cake Project

It’s a lie

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Moodly is a sentiment analyser for twitter trends. I didn’t make Moodly for any particular reason other than I had a few days off and wanted to get my head around the Twitter API for some work related stuff. You can monitor realtime trends in any of the “most popular” locations (Glasgow, London, UK, Ireland,…

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